About 60lb Custom Box

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Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 17 × 20 in

4 reviews for 60lb Custom Box

  1. Betsy Stetter

    My puppy loves Titan Blue

  2. Jordan Locke

    I started pup Hemi on Titan Blue and he LOVES it! He is always excited to eat his meals, his coat/skin look amazing, his allergies are starting to clear up (I’m convinced its the food), he has so much energy, his body condition is perfect, and his weight is staying right where we want it (this is super important because he’s a tripod). Huge thank you to this team for providing such quality food for my baby!

  3. bobbi smiley

    My pup has been eating this product since he was 4 weeks old and he loves it.

  4. bobbi smiley

    Asher is 8 months old now and has been eating this diet only since 4 weeks of age. He is a strong and thriving shitzhu!

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