About 45lb Custom Box

Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 17 × 20 in

Triple Blend (80/10/10)

Weight 5 lbs

Field & Fowl Blend

Weight 5 lbs

Farmers Blend

Weight 5 lbs

Breeders Blend (80/10/10)

Weight 5 lbs

Rah Raw Blend (80/10/10)

Weight 5 lbs

Beef & Organ Blend

Weight 5 lbs

Duck Blend (80/10/10)

Weight 5 lbs

Mega Blend (80/10/10)

Weight 5 lbs

Pork & Turkey Blend (80/10/10)

Weight 5 lbs

Turkey Blend (80/10/10)

Weight 5 lbs

Titan Blue

Weight 5 lbs

Titan Red

Weight 5 lbs

Green Tripe

Weight 5 lbs


Weight 5 lbs

8 reviews for 45lb Custom Box

  1. Christine Pedlar (verified owner)

    Love these blends. My pups love rahraw and are very healthy

  2. Nikki Poncin (verified owner)

    Our dogs love the blue titan!

  3. James Majerus

    Dandy dog food

  4. Penny schoppe (verified owner)

    So happy found rahraw. Have ordered 40# twice and shipped to Florida and never any issues. I’m feeding a 7 mo Doberman and 8 yo Rhodesian Ridgeback. I get all different varieties to keep it interesting for them and they love it all!

    Please keep up the great work!
    Thank you, Penny

  5. Andrew Biggert (verified owner)

    Our fur babies love the food!! They do not have runny stools and they have more energy.
    Thank you Max and staff♥️

  6. Jill Meents (verified owner)

    Max has been great! Always answers my emails and phone calls promptly. Great company to work with.

  7. Yvonne Cooper (verified owner)

    I’m so happy to have found rahraw. My dogs love the blends, and the customer service is excellent.

  8. Patricia Sattler (verified owner)

    We’ve been feeding a raw diet to our Boxers for years. The Iowa breeder we got our 5th Boxer, Josey, from turned us on to Rahraw. Josey was a very finicky eater from birth; when she came home to us at 10wks old she had already developed a palette for raw food. Wholly uninterested in the kibble in her dish, she would eat around it for the raw food so we transitioned her to 100% raw very quickly. She loves all the blends and we love the convenience and excellent customer service Max and co. provides.

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