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Kristin Luoma

recommends Rah Raw
Apr 05, 2024 via website

We have been feeding our GSD raw food for 2 years now. It has been the best decision we ever made. He no longer gets runny/bloody stools, his coat is gorgeous and he sheds less. I could keep going on and on about how much a raw diet has helped my boy! A bonus is that they offer very affordable food and treats 🦴 Rah Raw is a great company and Max is super knowledgeable and helpful. We are grateful for Rah Raw 😀🐶


recommends Rah Raw
Apr 04, 2024 via website

My GSD had a health scare back around November-December. She dropped weight super fast where you could see her little ribs. She stopped eating and drinking, so I had to give her IV fluids. Her trainer gave us some raw food to try, and she absolutely LOVED it. She’s been on Raw ever since, and she’s back up to a healthy weight, looking super fit, and her coat is so soft. 10/10!!!

Annie Erickson

recommends Rah Raw
Oct 25, 2023 via website

Hubby and I just became proud new owners (forever home) of a champion female English Bulldog. Miss Gracie has been on a raw food her entire life; going on five years. We have had many bulldogs throughout the years, but were completely unfamiliar with the raw diet. Our little girl is in such excellent shape we definitely wanted to continue with this particular diet. One call to Max and absolutely every question I had was answered professionally and thoroughly; top shelf company! A+

Ute Stockinger

recommends Rah Raw
May 19, 2023 via website

I love this small family company, I have ordered from Rah Raw for some years now and our dogs were just thriving on this food and love the different varieties. Max is very compassionate and knowledgeable if you have questions about the products or how much to feed your dog (new puppy) he takes the time to get back to you right away. They truly care about your pets. I highly recommend Rah Raw.

Kim Palechek

recommends Rah Raw
Feb 06, 2023 via website

I started shopping at RahRaw about 3 years ago and the owners are so kind and are very customer focused. Max always is very helpful to make sure we get what we ordered and ships my dogs treats promptly and as quickly as possible which my dogs very much appreciate. I definitely recommend shopping at RahRaw!

Stephanie May

recommends Rah Raw
Dec 29, 2022 via website

Thanks to a friend's recommendation I found this place. I just started feeding my dog raw this year. Max is super quick at emailing back and great to answer any questions in person. Love the variety of products. Thank you, thank you!


recommends Rah Raw
Dec 06, 2022 via website

I found Rah Raw almost two years ago and have been ordering from them ever since. Shipping is always fast, the food is high-quality, and it's clear the owners care about their customers. Max is prompt in answering questions and offers exceptional customer service. This will continue to be the only place I order my dog's food from!

Dale Kaplan

recommends Rah Raw
Nov 29, 2022 via website

I have been getting my Raw from Rah Raw for a couple of years now. I would not do business with anyone but Max and his team. They are always on top of their game and always provide top notch service and a quality product. I send all of my dog friends to Rah Raw with the complete confidence they to will be a very satisfied customer.

Jonathan Meadows RamHead Cane Corso

recommends Rah Raw
Nov 02, 2022 via website

I placed an order for the first time and needed some assistance with my order. Max was extremely helpful and talked me through the entire process. Our order arrived on time and our dogs Love It !!! RahRaw will be our “go to” from now on! Thanks

lidia quinones

recommends Rah Raw
Oct 18, 2022 via website

Max it has been a pleasure an absolute pleasure, the journey has been amazing for my Lil pooches, my older ones are doing great, and the babies have been eating almost 2 yrs, they have beautiful coats, healthy vibrant active happy, and all because they are eating the proper nutrients that come from eating RawRah I recommend this product the best thing you can do for your furry babies, thank you I just saw your pic, what a beautiful family, god bless, you guys rocks all the way. the best

Gina Graziano

recommends Rah Raw
Oct 04, 2022 via website

I have a Cane Corso puppy, Kai. I was referred to Rah Raw by my breeder Allison Bates. I have never fed any of my dogs Raw, and boy did they mess out. Kai’s coat is so thick soft and shiny. People are always askIng to pet him! The customer service here is like nothing I’ve experienced in a long, long time. I forgot today was order day, and I called after 6 PM. Not only did Max answer the phone, but he squeezed my shipment even though UPS was there picking up!! Max you da Best! Gina & Kai 🐾

Tina Shepard

recommends Rah Raw
Oct 02, 2022 via website

Raw was recommended to me by a friend after my 1.5 yo English Bulldog started exhibiting signs of allergies. She was losing hair on her flanks, and her folds and paws were inflamed. To my delight, after only a couple weeks of eating Titan Red I started to see improvement with her hair loss. After two months of eating rah raw exclusively her hair is completely filled back in, skin is no longer inflamed, her coat is thick, shiny and soft. . Not only has the food been helpful for our dog bu

Chance Halford

recommends Rah Raw
Aug 15, 2022 via website

Max is a great guy and is incredibly helpful, I transitioned my dogs to raw food a few months ago and he made the transition much easier and provided recommendations for feeding based on my dogs breed, activity and weight. He also has the best selection of natural treats I’ve seen. My dogs have never been happier to eat and look incredible now as well!

Diane Barrett

recommends Rah Raw
Feb 07, 2022 via website

AWESOME AWESOME Company. So helpful and knowledgeable! I have 3 rescues that have allergies and skin issues. It is so difficult to locate the correct raw pet food and it is so expensive, especially with 3 dogs. Well, Max was sooo helpful with suggestions, and explaining how to prepare and how much to feed. He is so knowledgeable and helpful. I will always use RAH RAW for my raw food for all my dogs. Quality is fantastic, shipping is always on time ! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Jay Z

recommends Rah Raw
Feb 06, 2022 via website

We have 2 dogs that LOVE RahRaw food. One dog used to be super picky and would walk away from her kibble food, now she wants to eat all the time and loves it. They are both maintaining a consistent healthy weight. We have tried many of the options and found the ones that are best for our dogs, but it’s great to have sooo many options!

Tessa J Anderson

recommends Rah Raw
Jan 13, 2022 via website

We have three dogs, all very busy and active dogs who are athletes. We have been lucky to find a really supportive, and affordable way to feed our dogs raw. Max is a really wonderful human, who cares alot about dogs, and families. Our dogs are beautiful, shiny, fit and mentally very calm. I attribute this to our feeding program along side training, great health care and balanced enrichment.

Ornela Beslagic-Bjerke

recommends Rah Raw
Dec 21, 2021 via website

We have a Golden Retriever who loves Rah Raw food. He is thriving on it. We usually order mix if blends and add supplements to make it balanced. Food is high quality, shipping is quick and customer service is excellent.


recommends Rah Raw
Dec 13, 2021 via website

Great customer service, pricing, and prompt delivery! My Cane Corso and Mini Schnauzer love it! I love how convenient the raw sliders are.

Williams Family

recommends Rah Raw
Nov 12, 2021 via website

I'm highly satisted with the product so far. And the prompt delivery met our expectations. Thank you guys .

Williams Family

recommends Rah Raw
Nov 12, 2021 via website

We just started this product and based on the testimonial

Ursula Reinhart

recommends Rah Raw
Sep 28, 2021 via website

This raw diet has been wonderful for both my 90lb lab mix and my 25lb pug cross. Both dogs happily devour their meals. They are staying a consistent healthy weight, they have energy galore and no more puking, eating grass, or diarrhea. Also shout out to Max who was so patient and helpful with my first order! Wonderful customer service. I will be a repeat customer for life!

Sonja Winders

recommends Rah Raw
Sep 16, 2021 via website

I am very please with the speed of shipping and my boys love the food and surprise treats. We have been raw feeding for 5 years and when we started we were making every thing on our own, it's was a lot of work making sure we got everything right. I am glad we found this with every thing our boys need for a healthy balanced meal. Finally we our weekends are free to play with our boys rather then spending 4 hours making dog food.

Sue West-Anderson

recommends Rah Raw
Sep 15, 2021 via website

Great speedy service. I order 45 lbs of red and blue titans last Wednesday, they emailed me and said we will ship it out Monday and it was here ( Gurnee ILL) by Tuesday morning by 10am .

Kelly McDonald

recommends Rah Raw
Sep 04, 2021 via website

I ordered 60 pds of the 5 pd rolls. Delivered from Minnesota to south east Wisconsin. It came quickly and still frozen!! My 3 large breed dogs absolutely love this!!

recommends Rah Raw
Sep 01, 2021 via website

I've been ordering Rah Raw's 60lb custom box, once a month, for the last 14 months and am so pleased with the quality, the price, the way the product is shipped, and the company itself. My dogs love their food, the bulk pricing is quite reasonable, my food always arrives frozen and always ships out promptly with great communication. Thank you!


recommends Rah Raw
May 30, 2021 via website

Words cannot express how grateful we are to have found Rah Raw! The products are awesome: a great range of options at an extremely reasonable price, even with shipping. Oh, and the shipping is super fast! Customer service is friendly, informative, and responsive. Seriously, I was considering making my own raw based on cost and quality - they make it 10x easier. Thank you!!!


recommends Rah Raw
Apr 14, 2021 via website

I can’t recommend Rah Raw enough! My dog looks so healthy and athletic by eating a raw diet. 0 health problems on a raw diet. Max is very knowledgeable and can help you get your dog on a fully raw diet. They’re so nice and easy to work with. 11 out of 10 stars!

Becca Jones

recommends Rah Raw
Mar 16, 2021 via website

I can't recommend RahRaw enough. I've fed raw for years and recently added their Titan Red product into my pups rotation. Customer service is top notch and Max was very helpful with all the questions I had. Their delivery option is super convenient if you're not local to their store. I'm very happy with the experience I've had with them.


recommends Rah Raw
Mar 05, 2021 via website

Max has been fantastic to work with. He's very knowledgeable and friendly, plus the prices and quality are great! My two big dogs absolutely love to eat the raw food!


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