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What to Feed Instead of Rawhide Chews

Rawhide chews are a popular treat for dogs, but are these bones safe or healthy for your dog?

Rawhide chews are made from the inner layer of a cow’s stomach. First they are stripped of fat and hair and then soaked in a highly toxic recipe of sodium sulphide liming. They are then tanned and made into leather like product that is bleached and chemically preserved. After those steps, the chews are further enhanced with coloring, cut and rolled, then glued into shapes.

Can you believe that stores are allowed to sell those?! Thankfully, there are lots of healthier ways to keep your dogs entertained without putting them at risk. Our favorite options are listed below!

Bully Sticks:

Bully sticks support dental health through the chewing. They are made from the pizzle of a bull- allowing your dog to have a new organ in their diet!

Chicken Feet:

Chicken feet are a natural toothbrush to keep your dogs’ teeth clean and have fresh breath! Chicken feet are loaded with glucosamine and are a yummy treat! You can feed them raw or find them smoked for a crunchy treat.

Smoked Pig Ears:

 Your dog will love the smoked pig ears because they taste like bacon! They can help clean your dogs’ teeth and work to strengthen jaw muscles.


 A trachea is made up of cartilage, rich in glucosamine! They are a great chewy snack on their own or can be filled with meat as a meal enhancement or special treat.

Marrow Bones:

Tearing into a marrow bone is a healthy activity your dog will enjoy! Ripping and chewing on raw uncooked bones is a great
way for dogs to use their jaw muscles and burn energy. A tired dog is a good dog! This is a great way to clean teeth, plus get all the health benefits from the marrow of the bones.

(Just make sure those bones are NOT cooked!)