Is Raw really better than Kibble?

How Do You Feel When You Eat Unhealthy, Processed Food All Day?

Now think about what you are feeding your pets. A dog’s body is not made to process all the grains, carbs and fillers that make up the majority of what’s in kibble.

Dry and canned pet foods were created for a cheap, convenient way to feed your pet with little to no mess. Kibble is cooked at a high temperature for long periods of time, which destroys most of the nutrients. Cheap additives are replaced in dog food as fillers in kibble, such as grains, which are difficult for your pet to digest.

Even if you are feeding the “organic, grain free” brand, you still are feeding highly processed food that has different additives to the dry food. If a cat or dog is lost, they will be searching for an animal to eat, not searching for the nearest bowl of kibble. Cats and dogs must eat uncooked, whole prey for optimal health.