Is Raw really better than Kibble?

How Do You Feel When You Eat Unhealthy, Processed Food All Day?

Now think about what you are feeding your pets. A dog’s body is not made to process all the grains, carbs and fillers that make up the majority of what’s in kibble.

Dry and canned pet foods were created for a cheap, convenient way to feed your pet with little to no mess. Kibble is cooked at a high temperature for long periods of time, which destroys most of the nutrients. Cheap additives are replaced in dog food as fillers in kibble, such as grains, which are difficult for your pet to digest.

Even if you are feeding the “organic, grain free” brand, you still are feeding highly processed food that has different additives to the dry food. If a cat or dog is lost, they will be searching for an animal to eat, not searching for the nearest bowl of kibble. Cats and dogs must eat uncooked, whole prey for optimal health.

A Journey From Kibble to Raw

The changes we saw when making a full switch from kibble to a raw diet were nothing short of amazing. We have witnessed the changes in other people’s dogs after making the switch from a dry kibble diet to a balanced raw diet as well. The results were fast and after seeing many positive improvements, we are no longer surprised.

In the Beginning – Kiki, Nolla, and Bronnie

Megan and I have been feeding raw since day one with our first three fur kids, Kiki, Nolla, and Bronnie. We adopted Kiki and Nolla at 8 weeks old and completely switched their diets to raw the first day we brought them home.

We adopted Bronnie at four months, and made the switch to raw the night we got him. We were frequently asked if we saw changes when we switched to raw and were never really able to say as they were never kibble fed in our family. We knew the benefits were there, as we saw how shiny their coats were, how their teeth stayed pearly white with absolutely no plaque on them and how they are excited to eat each and every meal.

A New Friend Visits the Family – Robby

Then came fur kid number four, Robby. Robby joining our family was not planned, as four large breed dogs can be a handful. He was our foster fail but what can we say, we LOVE dogs!

Robby is such a good natured, lovable guy. He was a reservation dog in North Dakota. When Robby came to us through rescue, he was very unhealthy with very thin patches of fur, extremely skinny, and shedding more than anything we have ever seen. He was aggressive about food and would eat anything he saw- whether it was spilled food, going in the garbage, or plants outside.

Guests at our house would keep their distance from Robby because of the amount of hair that would be left on their clothes after petting him. While fostering Robby we had to feed him the kibble that the rescue provided and it became apparent he was not putting on weight. He ate his food extremely fast and seemed to always be craving more.

During the weekly poop pick-ups, Robby’s stools stuck out compared to the other’s stools. They were stinky, covered in flies and huge! I forgot what kibble poop was like and honestly, I do not miss it one bit.

Robby ate kibble for one month and we didn’t notice any changes in his health. We loved Robby and were very worried about how long it would take to get him fully healthy.

And Then There Were Four – Robby Joins the Family

After making the decision that Robby was going to join our family, we immediately tossed the kibble and made the full switch to Raw overnight. Within a week, we started seeing results. He shed less, his stool was smaller and he was excited at meal time! Robby was overall starting to look like a healthy dog.

A month after being on a raw diet the results were in full effect. Robby has strong, white teeth and a beautiful coat that is full and shiny. He has gained weight and is now at a healthy weight for his age.

Our friends and family want to pet and play with Robby, as his shedding is nothing like it was when he first came home with us. His stool has fully normalized and does not stand out among the others. Robby is also not food aggressive and is able to share food because he is finally not starving for needed nutrients. Robby loves meal time and we are so happy that he is getting the diet he needs!